Formerly known as OPHERTY&CIOCCI, our e-commerce started back in 1999, as shown on our primary eBay store, which is still up & running today.

Our mission is very simple. It genuinely reflects who we are. We love Vintage and appreciate Fashion. "Made in Italy" is a very strong worldwide brand, but today it is being plundered in many ways. Our aim is to keep it pure and authentic, just as the items we sell, enabling our customers to appreciate what Italians excel in.

Our customers become friends, this is a natural consequence of how we work: impeccable service, problem solving and friendly communication are what we do best.

We have always been "Green", even when this word was just a color. We really do our best with eco-packaging, combined shipping solutions and many other small things which maybe can help our mother earth.

We define the items we sell as "Pre-Loved", since they have maintained pristine condition.

Luxury Fashion is always more expensive, and only a limited number of elite customers can afford it. Our aim is to broaden this circle.